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Winter/Indoor Track & Field 2014-2015

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While you may be tempted to wear a few of these or these or things you can find here. Don’t! The NYSPHSAA (New York State Physical High School Athletic Association) kinda frowns upon that sort of thing during competition. To be absolutely clear, below are a few details regarding the use of or wearing of any jewelry or medical alert items.

  • Jewelry is not to be worn by competitors in competitions sanctioned by the NYSPHSAA
  • Attempts to hide the wearing of any hard jewelry by masking it with tape unless directed to by the meet Referee will considered “unacceptable conduct” and the athlete will be subject to disqualification
  • Athletes are to be advised to remove all jewelry at check-in when they move from being a “contestant” to the status of “competitor”
  • If after that point they are discovered to have jewelry on, they are simply directed by the official to remove it — whether before, during, or after finishing a competition. They shall then be issued a warning by the Referee.
  • If the athlete refuses to comply with the directive to remove their jewelry or is caught a second time wearing same, they will then be subject to being disqualified for “unacceptable conduct” (rule 4-6-2) for “failing to follow the directions of a meet official”, if in the opinion of the referee the circumstances warrant that penalty.
  • Soft-string “friendship” bracelets will be allowed to be taped over as have been the Hindu male initiation cords listed in previous NYSPHSAA religious exemptions.
  • Competitors with soft hair-bands (aka “scrunchies) or rubber/elastic bands found on the wrist will be instructed to remove them without any formal warnings for the wearing of jewelry.
  • Medical alert medals or bracelets are not considered jewelry, however, the alert should be clearly visible.
  • If the Medical alert is of pliable, soft material other than metal, the only concern is that it be visible.
  • If the Medical alert is made of metal or other unyielding material, it should be taped to the body, be it either bracelet or necklace.
  • Religious medals of any sort are not considered jewelry and must be worn under the uniform and taped to the body.
  • Wristwatches of any kind will be allowed for Cross-Country competition only.

As in the past, it is the responsibility of the coaches to guarantee that all of their contestants will be properly uniformed, properly equipped, and unadorned with jewelry as per the regulations of the NYSPHSAA Handbook.

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