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Upcoming Track Meet :: RIT, Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday, January 123, 2015 at RIT

Who :: Fairport Varsity
When :: Friday, January 23, 2015 – 6:00pm start time
Where :: RIT
Departure :: BUS departs at 4:45pm


Results from the Trent Jackson Invite at Brockport 1/17/15

Competing against some of the very best athletes in all of Section 5 and a few from Section 6, a few amazing performances were put together by 2 amazing mid-distance runners.

  • 1,000m – Mike Mallow, 2nd place – 2:34.51 ( FAIRPORT’S FASTEST TIME IN 8 YEARS! )
  • 1,000m – Ben Bulkeley, 3rd place – 2:37.03
  • Pole Vault – Jared Mathews, 3rd place – 13′

Full meet results can be found here –> Trent Jackson Invite Results


Results from RIT meet 1/2/15

Highlights from Friday Night’s meet. A few new Season’s Bests and other outstanding performances.

  • 55m Hurdles(b) – Jared Mathews, 2nd place – 8.63
  • 55m Hurdles(g) – Isabell Moll, 3rd place – 9.80
  • 300m(b) – Liam Gordon, 3rd place – 39.29 and a new Season’s Best
  • 300m(g) – Sinead Sergeant, 3rd place – 44.12 and a new Season’s Best
  • 600m(b) – Ben Bulkley, 3rd place – 1:28.51
  • 600m(g) – Christian Conner, 3rd place – 1:47.24 and a new Season’s Best
  • 1,000m(b) – Josh Roman, 1st place – 2:40.56 :: Ryan Burnham, 3rd place – 2:48.61
  • 1,000(g) – Michaela Meissner, 2nd place – 3:21.97
  • 4 x 400 Relay(b) – Bulkley, Mallow, Orcutt, Roman, 1st place – 3:46.36
  • 4 x 400 Relay(g) – Conner, Flocco, Horan, Sergeant, 2nd place – 4:25.87
  • 3,000(g) – Shannon Horan, 1st place – 11:29.43
  • High Jump(g) – Meg Beiter, 1st place – 4′ 8″ :: Ally Feder, 3rd place – 4′ 4″
  • Pole Vault(b) – Jared Mathews, 2nd place – 12′ 6″

Results from Houghton meet 12/30/14

Today’s meet results links can be found below, but we’d like to highlight a few outstanding results from our ‘road-trip’ track meet.

  • 1,000mBen Bulkley, the loan freshman in the top 25 performances on the Leaderboard; dude scorched his previous PR finishing in 1st place with a time of 2:41.70. Way to go Big Ben!!
  • 600m – Josh Roman, finished 1st running a season’s best 1:27.56
  • 4x800m Relay (boys) – Bulkley, Burnham, Kozody, & Mallow(not a real law firm) ran a fast 8:45.18 to finish 2nd
  • Pole Vault – Jared Mathews vaulted 13′ finishing 2nd
  • 4x800m Relay (girls) – Conner, Nortz, Gilmore, Horan ran a 10:35.26 to finish in 3rd place

Yentiming provides live event results during the meet and static results afterwards. You can find those here.

The Section V meet results are all available here. Today’s complete results will be posted to that page soon.

Tips for newcomers

We’d like to extend a hearty welcome to all newcomers(mostly freshmen and their families) to the Fairport Track & Field family. Below, you’ll find a few tips to surviving these long, yet thankfully comfortably warm, indoor track meets. The truly nice part of all of this is that the weather is the same at every single meet; no wind, no rain, no snow, and sadly….no sun. In no particular order, here’s a few helpful tips:

Tips for parents

  • you can bring a lawn chair to Brockport and RIT meets, NOT to the U of R meets. (don’t know about Houghton, never been there before)
  • you can, and should, bring a camera, but don’t show your kids their photos in the immediate vicinity of their active event
  • bring your own food and snacks for your athlete or buy from concessions
  • bring money, some meets charge for entry (athletes get in free of course)
  • if you want to take your athlete home after the meet by personal vehicle, FAX the form to the school the DAY BEFORE
  • bring a good book, sometimes there are long delays between your kid’s events

Tips for athletes

  • RUNNERS – upon arrival, check your heat sheets for your HEAT/SECTION and LANE ASSIGNMENT, your lane assignment is your HIP NUMBER for THAT EVENT ONLY, pick up your hip number and place it on your hip on the same side as the finish line camera; it’s not always the same side at every track meet
  • JUMPERS – FIRST THING, get your jump marks! getting your marks should take priority over warming up for running events. Go straight to your venue and start getting your marks.
  • HURDLERS – space is at a premium, you may only get a single hurdle to use for warm-ups, ask people NICELY, to move out of your way
  • Be assertive – Be responsible – Be where you’re suppose to be and when and remember to sign in with the officials
  • ASK the officials – they’re there to help you be successful – being courteous will yield benefits
  • DON’T COMPLAIN – to your coaches, ASK them for guidance, they WANT YOU to do your absolute best and will help you, if you’ll allow it
  • ALL ATHLETES – LISTEN TO ANNOUNCEMENTS made during the meet, if you’re off chatting with friends, you may miss your event
  • Electronics! – leave them at home, sometimes they go missing. And you can’t use them for warm-ups around your event either.
  • DISTANCE-RUNNERS – COUNT YOUR OWN LAPS!!! Do NOT rely on the lap count device used by the finish judge, they’re using that for the leader. If that’s not you, you may not run all your laps and get disqualified, yes it happens every year
  • SPRINTERS – arrange ahead of time to have a teammate stand on your blocks, (Varsity only, JV sprinters don’t use blocks)

Enjoy the season, it’s a lot of FUN!!

Winter/Indoor Track & Field 2014-2015

UPDATED (Dec. 3) – Check out the Schedule Page for the Winter Track practice and meet schedule


While you may be tempted to wear a few of these or these or things you can find here. Don’t! The NYSPHSAA (New York State Physical High School Athletic Association) kinda frowns upon that sort of thing during competition. To be absolutely clear, below are a few details regarding the use of or wearing of any jewelry or medical alert items.

  • Jewelry is not to be worn by competitors in competitions sanctioned by the NYSPHSAA
  • Attempts to hide the wearing of any hard jewelry by masking it with tape unless directed to by the meet Referee will considered “unacceptable conduct” and the athlete will be subject to disqualification
  • Athletes are to be advised to remove all jewelry at check-in when they move from being a “contestant” to the status of “competitor”
  • If after that point they are discovered to have jewelry on, they are simply directed by the official to remove it — whether before, during, or after finishing a competition. They shall then be issued a warning by the Referee.
  • If the athlete refuses to comply with the directive to remove their jewelry or is caught a second time wearing same, they will then be subject to being disqualified for “unacceptable conduct” (rule 4-6-2) for “failing to follow the directions of a meet official”, if in the opinion of the referee the circumstances warrant that penalty.
  • Soft-string “friendship” bracelets will be allowed to be taped over as have been the Hindu male initiation cords listed in previous NYSPHSAA religious exemptions.
  • Competitors with soft hair-bands (aka “scrunchies) or rubber/elastic bands found on the wrist will be instructed to remove them without any formal warnings for the wearing of jewelry.
  • Medical alert medals or bracelets are not considered jewelry, however, the alert should be clearly visible.
  • If the Medical alert is of pliable, soft material other than metal, the only concern is that it be visible.
  • If the Medical alert is made of metal or other unyielding material, it should be taped to the body, be it either bracelet or necklace.
  • Religious medals of any sort are not considered jewelry and must be worn under the uniform and taped to the body.
  • Wristwatches of any kind will be allowed for Cross-Country competition only.

As in the past, it is the responsibility of the coaches to guarantee that all of their contestants will be properly uniformed, properly equipped, and unadorned with jewelry as per the regulations of the NYSPHSAA Handbook.

Our Booster Club needs your support

Join our Booster Club today!

The Fairport Track & Field Booster Club provides outstanding support of our student-athletes and is vital to our student-athlete’s success. The Booster Club conducts numerous activities, end of season banquets, and more. Funds raised by the Booster Club are used to support the following:

  • Monetary support for needed equipment
  • Student-Athlete events (pasta loads, bagels/subs on the bus, etc.)
  • Expenses to Special Meets
  • Student-Athlete Scholarships
  • Subsidize season-end banquet and athlete awards

The Booster Club welcomes all, and we appreciate your support. If your student-athlete is a member of the Fairport Track & Field team, please consider the outstanding support offered through our Booster Club and join today.